75 years of independence and future challenges

एक बार विदाई दे मां, घूरे आसी, हंसी-हंसी पोरबो फांसी देखबो भारतबासी” and “इंक़लाब ज़िंदाबाद” These slogans remind of the Indian freedom struggle as soon as they come on the tongue. A history of India that can never be forgotten. It has been 75 years since independence, but even today it seems as if it was a while back. That was the period when some such warriors were born who got freedom from the shackles of the British by keeping the shame of Mother India’s lap.

Soon after Independence

After a long struggle, our country became independent, but the British had left our country at a point from where it was difficult to imagine a united India. After independence, there were 565 princely states, which were trying to make themselves independent countries, this simply meant that we were free but the land with which we were identified would not exist. Talking in today’s context, we would probably need documents like visa to go from Delhi to Hyderabad.

But Sardar Patel did the work of tying independent India into one thread. While discharging his duties, Sardar Patel merged six hundred small and big princely states into India and started being called the architects of the unity of India. This was the first achievement of independent India.

Dr. Ambedkar envisioned an ideal country and presented the constitution in front of the country by uniting the rules and governance system. Elections were held, citizens got the right to vote and since then India has emerged as a strong nation and the largest democratic country in the world. Every citizen has made an important contribution in this empowerment of India because only a better citizen builds a healthy society and only a conscious society progresses the country. The question is, it is very important to introspect where we stand today as a country and as an individual.

Unity in diversity

India is a country where people of different culture, language and religion live. People of different lifestyles and ways live together here. Despite these differences, mutual harmony and brotherhood remains in our country. The cultural heritage here is also due to the people of different religions. After independence, there was a big problem that how the country would be united with different languages spoken in India and many types of culture, but the people here strengthened India by following the concept of unity in diversity.

Sports, Education and Health

In the journey of 75 years of independence, from then till now, India has touched many heights in the sports world. Just one year after independence, the men’s hockey team raised India’s stature at the international level by winning the Olympics. Somewhere Indian sport strengthens the feeling of patriotism among the people here. India has won many medals and cups in this 75 year journey.

Along with sports, unprecedented revolutionary changes took place in the field of education in India, due to which the field of education became not only comprehensive but also multidimensional. In ancient times, India was popular for its education system, but it is said that change is necessary with time, we did change but our speed was a little less. Education plays an important role in the development of human beings, so to strengthen the society of India, the Constitution of India has laid emphasis on creating an educated society. To make the field of education dynamic, the Government of India has also taken many steps which is commendable.

The health system also saw major changes in this 75 years of independence. After independence, there were only 7 thousand government hospitals in the country, which have now increased to around 26 thousand. Has the pace of our health system been correct since the independence of the country? This is something to think about. To strengthen India’s health system, the Government of India has taken many measures, in which the Ayushman Bharat scheme is commendable. After independence, the biggest attack on India’s health system was done by the corona epidemic, not only India but the whole world was affected by this epidemic. , We saw that the awareness efforts made by the Government of India like “Do gaz ki doori, mask hai zaroori” proved to be very effective. The country found a vaccine to fight the corona epidemic and started the vaccination campaign.

Indian politics

After independence, Indian politics saw many ups and downs during the 75-year journey. After independence, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru took a pledge to serve India. People were actively participating in the democratic system of India. Gradually the political nature of India started changing. Conditions like famine, poverty and war took birth in India.

Five year plans were launched for the development of the country. Lal Bahadur Shastri took over the country with the slogan Jai Jawan Jai Kisan. Many banks were nationalized by Indira Gandhi to improve the economic condition of India. But the politics of India has never been quiet, continuous changes have been seen. There were many big agitations, the country had to go through emergency. There were serious differences between the ruling party and the opposition on issues, but these differences did not weaken the democracy but strengthened it. At present, many welfare policies and schemes have been launched by the government. The benefits of the schemes have been extended to the poor and weaker sections, but it is also a fact that the schemes run by the government could not be fully implemented. Yet their main objective is the public interest.

Problems and future challenges

The country faced many difficulties during this 75 years. Our India has been struggling with many problems like famine, war, internal strife etc. But at present the biggest problem is the increasing population here. We went from 36 crores to 140 crores in the journey of 75 years of independence but did we have increase in resources? Does such a large population have food to eat and a house to live in? Are our countrymen getting proper education? Do we have employment opportunities available?

The main reason for all such problems is uncontrolled population growth. Although our country is a country of youth, but the youth of our country are unemployed because we do not have enough employment opportunities. Unemployment is directly related to poverty and poverty gives rise to violence. Therefore, controlling the population can get rid of many such problems which are hindering the development of the country. But, will the current situation be changed by controlling the population? No, we cannot improve the present situation. For this it is necessary that we make use of technology more, educate the society, improve the health system, search for new means of employment and this is possible only when the youth of the country understands their responsibilities, understands the current situation.

Increasing population is the biggest challenge of India. One of the challenges of our country with uncontrolled population is to protect its civilization, culture and language. Many civilizations were born here, developed and many civilizations also became extinct. In the present time, due to the dominance of western civilizations, the youth of our country have started forgetting their own traditional culture and civilization. Today’s youth do not expect to know about the history, language and culture of India, whereas our history, our culture teaches us to live. This is one of the big challenges of India from present to future, so it is our responsibility to take our country to a new dimension with never ending thinking.


During the 75 years of independence, our country touched many heights as well as lost a lot. Problems and challenges are a part of life, which we can solve with our understanding. We are dedicated to the land which has a glorious history since ancient times. Our country has stood firm even after heavy problems and its identity makes us powerful in water, land and sky. We the people of India are optimistic, so we are confident that by taking appropriate steps, we will keep India as a great country.

“Jai Hind”

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