Is it justified to humiliate Veer Savarkar to tease BJP?

Today a new trend is seen in Indian politics. The opposition party humiliates Veer Savarkar to tease the ruling party. The Bharatiya Janata Party sees Savarkar as the biggest face of Hindutva and also considers him a true freedom fighter. In contrast, the opposition party sees Savarkar as a man who wrote a mercy petition for his release from the Britishers when he got imprisoned in cellular Jail of andman. The opposition says that the one who apologizes to the British is not a brave but a Mafiveer.

Well, these things are just a political views. But what is written about Savarkar in the pages of history?

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

Right from childhood, he was an advocate of Hindutva. Renowned author Jyotirmaya Sharma demonstrated in his book “Hindutva: Exploring the Idea of Hindu Nationalism” that when Savarkar was 12-year-old, he leads a march with his schoolmates to vandalise a mosque in order to take revenge against the ‘atrocities’ committed against Hindus by Muslims.

Savarkar began his political activities as a high school student and continued to do so at Fergusson College in Pune.

In 1899, Savarkar brothers started Mitra Mela, a revolutionary secret society in Nasik . It was one among several such melas (revolutionary societies) functioning in Maharashtra at that time, which believed in the overthrow of British rule through armed rebellion.
In 1904, in a meeting attended by 200 members from various towns in Maharashtra,  Vinayak Savarkar renamed it Abhinav Bharat taking after  Giuseppe Mazzini’s Young Italy. 
Mazzini’s techniques of secret societies and guerilla warfare were fully embraced by Savarkar.

Abhinav Bharat Society was a secret revolutionary organization which was notorious for its strict action. In the Abhinav Bharat Society, there were people from sticking sticks to making bombs. According to many historians, at that time Savarkar’s Abhinav Bharat Society had played an important role in weakening the Britishers.

Savarkar’s ideology was very clear, he was engaged in expelling the British from India as well as uniting Hindu unity. It was only after the Marle Minto Reform that he had been apprehensive that Hindu-Muslim unity was a sham which only serves to throw dust in the eyes. He began to unify Hinduism and Hindutva. And since then his image as the face of Hindutva.

Now if we talk about apologizing(mercy petition), was it wrong?

Had he not apologised, his life would probably have ended in celluar jail of andman as he was sentenced to 2 lives.
Imagine if he hadn’t written an apology. Would he have been able to work on the ideology of Hindutva, would he have been able to launch a campaign to unite Hindus?

According to the demand of the time, his apologizing is justified to some extent, but it does not mean that what he did for his country should be ignored. Not apologizing or apologizing was his personal thought somewhere, but because of this, we cannot ignore the contribution given by him to the country’s independence.

It is very unfortunate to humiliate Savarkar. By insulting your freedom fighters, you are showing yourself as an irresponsible citizen because you are not able to fulfill even a fundamental duty given by the Indian Constitution.

Politicians should refrain from making objectionable remarks on Savarkar.

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