Bihar has become the poorest, helpless and weak state of India [Critical Analysis]

The importance of Bihar has been very high since ancient times. Bihar gave birth to many such heroes who ruled the whole of India. It used to be a wealthy state of the country. Due to the river Ganges, it was an agrarian state. People from all over the world used to visit here, wanted to see the society here. During the Mauryan period, Megasthenese in his work Indica has described Pataliputra very well. During the Gupta period it became a center of knowledge for the world. Nalanda University, Vikramshila University, Odantapuri etc. were considered as the main means of acquiring knowledge.

Despite being strong in every way, what was the reason that today Bihar has become the poorest, helpless and weak state of India?

Bihar started declining from mediaeval times and the biggest role in this was played by outside Muslim invaders. Those invaders had nothing to do with education and knowledge, eventually they destroyed the centers of knowledge like Nalanda University, Vikramshila University and Odantapuri and its pain is still felt by the people of Bihar as well as India.

Due to the exploitation done by the British in the modern period, the fertile land of Bihar also gradually started deteriorating, The tax imposed by the British and their rules and regulations, the problem of poverty, malnutrition etc. started in the people of Bihar. Whoever ruled Bihar from mediaeval to modern period, only looted Bihar. Bihar eventually became a poor state.

After Independence of India

The country got independence, India became a democratic country. Gradually all the states of India started to strengthen their position, but Bihar emerged as a state where social welfare, strength of the state etc. did not matter to anyone. Whose governments came in the state, they would only be engaged in their own progress, they had no interest in the development of the state.
This irony is such that the state which was once known for its prosperity, today its plight is also worth seeing.

It is said in India that there is political consciousness even in the child of Bihar and Biharis are also very happy to hear these things. How ridiculous it is that the child of Bihar who has awakened political consciousness, the same Bihar has never been politically stable till date. This is ridiculous as well as unfortunate. And the reason for this unfortunate situation in Bihar is the casteist mindset spread in the society. No matter how bad the representatives of Bihar are, no matter how many allegations are leveled against them, the people of that caste will blindly vote for the caste they belong to. Casteism is such a mentality that will not allow any country or state to develop, but what does all these things mean to the people here?, now they have probably become used to living like this.

Another point to note is that there are some leaders and spokespersons of Bihar for whom leadership is a far cry, they do not even know how to speak. Recently, the spokesperson of Bihar’s ruling party was making objectionable remarks on a woman from Bihar on media.

Well all these things are in their place but the important issue is whether the people of Bihar want to remain like this? Even after so much plight, if the Bihari feels that the present government, which has been looting Bihar for 40 years, will take this state out of this quagmire, then I just want to salute such Biharis because Biharis are truly blessed.🤣

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